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In March 2015, information meetings took place in six locations accross the Plovdiv district. Farmers, herb collectors, buyers and processors, as well as all parties interested in a livelihood based on medicinal plants received information and a private consultations at the events. Some of Bulgaria’s leading experts answered questions about: collection and processing for the production of quality herbs with good market value; species, technologies, planting material for the clutivation of medicinal plants as well as measures for financial aid of farmers and entrepreneurs who cultivate medicinal plants and process herbs as part of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 г.
The consultations were organised in cooperation with the regional office of the National Agricultural Advisory Service in Plovdiv.
Presentations on the main topics (in Bulgarian) can be downloaded here.
Instructions for the cultivation of some of the most widely used species can be found here.
You can listen to the radio broadcasts (in Bulgarian) about the sustainable use and cultivation of medicinal plants can be heard here.
Anyone who wishes to receive more information about the consultations or ask specific questions can contact us here.