Media & Online Coverage

After the information meetings in Plovdiv District that took place in March 2015, the presentations, given by experts were uploaded to the project website, along with instructions for the cultivation of 12 medicinal plant species. These documents can be found in the Bulgarian version of this page. The information, of high value for farmers, herb collectors and buyers and all those, interested in the development of a livelihood, based on medicinal plants was disseminated with the help of interested parties and the members of the Steering Committee of the project, via their websites.

Links to the presentation and instructions were published on:

Notices about the information, uploaded on the project website, following the information meetings, were placed on the bulletin boards in all 43 regional divisions (forestry and game units), part of the South Central State Enterprise.


Since its start, there has  been a strong media interest toward the project and the information it disseminates. The first press conference, which took place on 07/11/2013 in Plovdiv provoked over 10 articles in local and national media. Since then, a number of radio broadcasts aired as part of the Bulgarian National Radio Campaign have created a wide media interest, generating over 30 publications in online and print media. The most popular broadcasts were “Bulgaria is the World’s Fourth Largest Exporter of Medicinal Plants”, aired on 26/11/2013 and “The Cultivation of Lavender”, aired on 30/08/2014.*

The project team is continuously monitoring all Bulgarian media to track the impact of the project on the quality of information disseminated in the project area and in the country as a whole.

* The articles may be viewed in Bulgarian here